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IN ADDITION TO TEACHING MATH, READING AND WRITING, LANGUAGE, SOCIAL STUDIES, MUSIC, ART, TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE teachers are expected to develop an accurate curriculum about childbirth. That’s a big task! It’s especially daunting, knowing that most experts have trouble discussing childbirth with adults without triggering fear, anxiety, and confusion. I offer books, workshops, curriculum development, speaking and other teaching tools to help you inform your students.


children’s book:

entrepreneur finds her way

THE BOOK IS AN ADVENTUROUS STORY FOR EMBOLDENING CHILDREN THAT DOUBLES AS AN ALLEGORY FOR ADULTS. As a young girl journeys down her own life’s path, mentors teaching their magic by example, inspire her to fully realize her own.

This tool, inspiring children to become an agent of innovative change, is available to order, also as class-packs of ten.





TEACHING YOUNG PEOPLE ABOUT SEXUALITY AND BIRTH PHYSIOLOGY CAN BE CHALLENGING. I’ve therefore designed a new curriculum for teachers, and workshops for children, rooted in our own positive experiences of childbirth.




BRINGING THOUGHTFUL, INFORMED, AND INSPIRING CONTENT PERTAINING TO BIRTH CULTURE, identity, and girl’s self-actualization to niche and general audiences. With versatility, I speak and lecture in institutional, informal, and cultural spaces.