your pregnancy is a time full of excitement, questions, anticipation —And full of options!

I’M HONORED TO ACCOMPANY YOU THROUGH THIS PROCESS, AND CAN OFFER A VARIETY OF TOOLS AND SERVICES from individualized doula care to courses, workshops and more. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Get in touch to find out how we can work together to accommodate your unique and individual needs.


Doula services

AS A DOULA, I OFFER INDIVIDUALIZED GUIDANCE & COMPANIONSHIP before, during and after birth, designed to honor our instincts and intelligences. A range of courses and workshops for the unique needs of every lifestyle, parent and pregnancy.




Spinning babies parent class

THIS SPINNING BABIES PARENT CLASS IS THE FIRST CERTIFIED COURSE IN BERLIN to offer these strategies for easier childbirth with fetal positioning that promote Physiology Before Force, giving parents practical guidance for moving your body to make space for your baby.




birth to birth immersion

BIRTH TO BIRTH IMMERSION IS A 6-PART COURSE THAT ENABLES INDIVIDUALS OR COUPLES TO FEEL COMFORTABLE, mindful and informed about this new phase of life with each other, with a newborn, and within your complex social circles.




how we birth

THIS INVIGORATING 10-PART COURSE BY MICHEL ODENT AND LILIANA LAMMERS IS AN ESSENTIAL BASIS FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN HOW WE BIRTH. It is rich in descriptions, backed up with scientific evidence, practical experience, anecdotes and love.