the time after birth is a sacred period of closure, relanding, and Of becoming ourselves anew

JUST AS IT’S VITAL TO OPEN UP AND PREPARE BEFORE BIRTH, THE PERIOD AFTER BIRTH IS A SPECIAL TIME that might unleash emotions that remain with us for years. It’s a time of both closure and newness—of finding our footing in a phase where we’re sometimes left feeling neither in our ‘old selves’ or in our ‘new selves’. I offer personalized doula services and guidance, rituals and workshops to help guide you through and honor this special time in your lives. Feel free to get in touch to talk about how I can meet your unique and individual needs.


closing ceremony

THESE 40 DAY RITUALS ARE USED TO SEAL AND CELEBRATE THAT PASSAGE WE’VE COME THROUGH. While traditionally used after birth, they may heal and serve us in many challenging life transitions. They’re used to comfort, hold and cherish; To reflect and (re-)nourish. They prepare us to “return our feet to the earth”.



Postpartum doula care

EXPERIENCE AND STUDIES INDICATES THE BENEFIT OF CONTINUAL CARE FROM A PERSON not part of institutional staff or a member of your social network. I offer postpartum care to help you and your family adjust to your new life together.